Divine Connection

Purposeful and prayerful networking for mature singles


Divine Connection was established in 2009.

The inaugural breakfast meeting was held in partnership with RCCG Jesus Palace pastored by Daddy G.O's son in law, Pastor Akin Adubi. The event was held on June 13, 2009 at Comfort Inn, Hampton Park Boulevard, Maryland USA. 

Our vision is to increase the number of joyfully married Christians. Inch by inch, step by step, through our monthly and annual programmes plus other initiatives like our newsletter, social network and sites (www.dckiss.blogspot.com and www.dc-homes.webs.com), we are divinely connecting mature singles to purpose and partner.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Throne of Grace, Olive Tree and The Covenant House) partnered with Divine Connection to organise the DC HOMES (Harvest Of Marriages Empowerment Summit) 2013. Those who attended have testimonies which include divine connections which led to marriages!!!

The committee is already working on DC HOMES 2014. Ensure you, your church and friends are on board. For enquiries about participating, publicity or promotions email [email protected]

What do we do:

  • We counsel mature singes biblically
    • We encourage mature singles to connect to purpose and live joyfully
    • We connect mature singles to Christians for the possibility of friendship and marriage
    • We create events - Eden - for the purpose of socialising and networking
    • We partner with churches to organise Christ-led events that include prayer, praise and deliverance
    • We provide resources and access to inspiring, informative and educative articles
    • We provide medium for interaction through our social network on Facebook
    • We respond to questions and share inspirational messages
    • We provide information on vacancy and business skills
    • We provide counsel on finances, marriage planning and funding

    Programmes and projects we carry out:

    We organise summit, meetings, tours, retreats, film viewing etc for mature singles. Having singles do activities together aid interaction and helps to build friendship without fear.


    This is a spirit-filled atmosphere of relaxation and networking in God's presence. It is about connecting mature people for the possibility of discovering purpose and partnership with marriage potential. The summit features ministration by guest ministers, interactive activities, questions and answers, networking and praise celebration.

    DC Celebration

    This for now takes place within DC HOMES. In future this will be a stand alone dinner event for all those who have been connected via DC and engaged mature singles.

    DC Breakfast Meetings

    This was previously organised by DC but is now done by partners quarterly (each partner have a slot and others participate; it rotates from partner to partner). The DC Host and committee members support partners to organise the meeting. Part of the support we give include suggesting agenda, theme, guest minister etc. We also publicise such events through out network. 

    We also have resources through which the mature singles are inspired to connect to purpose:

    DC Newsletters

    Members and participants receive this directly or by subscribing to DC Online which houses teaching materials. Weekly newsletters can be viewed online by everyone.

    Eden Magazine

    For now Eden is being published as part of our annual summit. As we raise funds, we would publish quarterly and distribute free or at cost through members and partners.

    DC Connect

    This is a quarterly newsletter sent to partners and prospective partners. It includes our vision, mission, report and nuggets about how to grow fellowships and minister productively to mature singles.

    We also have intervention services that aid knowing and enjoying a relationship with God's will:

    DC Counselling Intervention

    All registered members (fee based) receive general counselling. Those who desire to make the financial commitment receive the 12-point one-on-one counsel. This has been developed to help mature singles identify self-motivated challenges in their lives. 

    For registered members, we also provide:
    • General Counselling
    • Introduction to pastoral counsellors or deliverance ministers
    • Profile review and one on one counsel
    • Relationship History Analysis
    • Direct link-up or matching

    Since inception we have made a number of strides to the glory of God. Some are shared below:

    1. Organised breakfast meetings regularly

    2. Created and distribute DC Newsletter, this has birthed Eden, our quarterly magazine

    3. Established an annual summit now known as DC HOMES

    4. Set up a committee made up of partners that manage our annual event

    5. Published resources including two books - What is wrong with us and DC Devotional for Singles

    6. Attracted worthy partners, sponsors and supporters

    7. Increased the number of partners, counsellors and members

    8. Offered one-on-one counselling leading to the deliverance of many

    9. Created 2 sites - www.dckiss.blogspot.com and dc-homes.webs.com, 1 networking page and 1 private page for committee members. Our first site now has over 14000 views and 25000 shares!

    10. Personal development of coordinators - 2 now have doctoral degrees in counseling, 2 have become published authors and one was awarded the Most Outstanding Female Leader in NA!

    11. Partnered with churches and like minded groups to organise events for singles

    12. Celebrated and nurtured joyful and enduring marriages

    Do you know mature singles who are trusting God to sign into marriage? Do you know of people who would be interested in supporting or sponsoring this worthy cause? Send contacts to the DC Host.

    For enquiries email [email protected] or visit Divine Connection (DC) on Facebook.


    What: DC Breakfast Meeting

    When: 08.November.2014 9AM

    Who: Mature Singles

    Why: Purposeful Networking

    Where: To be conveyed to those who register.

    How: Registration/FREE


    Divine Connection

    For sponsorship, partnership or registration email DC HOMES.

    Divine Connection is all about YOU!!!

    If your answer is YES to below then connect with us and we will divinely connect you to yours!

    • I am between 25/30 and single
    • I recently got married
    • I want to find purpose in life
    • I want to get married
    • I want to find joy
    • I want my relationship to last
    • My church need singles event
    • I want to hep my single friend 
    • I want to know what the Bible says about love

    Connect with us and we will plug you to answers.
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