Divine Connection

Purposeful and prayerful networking for mature singles

Divine Connection has grown through partnerships. We believe that partnering helps us reach out to more mature singles for the purpose of supporting them and the body of Christ in the journey to the altar. This ultimately tie in with our goal of increasing the percentage of joyfully married Christians.

Our core vision in Divine Connection is to minister to mature singles towards discovering love by discovering purpose and create and nurture relationships that will birth Godly marriages.

Who are partners? 

Partners are Bible-believing churches or groups that believe in and are willing to support the vision and mission of Divine Connection physically, spiritually, financially, morally and actively. They play the role of ministers, counsellors, coordinators and sponsors. They include the following:

DC was established through a partnership with RCCG Jesus Palace Maryland USA. Pastor Akin Adubi, the parish pastor caught the vision of a ministry solely focused on mature singles. By 2013, DC has three more partners namely RCCG parishes namely Throne of GraceThe Covenant House and Olive Tree. In 2004, RCCG Tabernacle of David joined us. By 2015, we had the pleasure of welcoming RCCG Tabernacle of Peace, The King's Court and Desire Of Nations on board. The pastors and ministers in charge of the parishes and singles group respectively have become our pillars. They include - Pastor Niyi Ajibola, Pastor Bose Osho, Pastor Dapo Akinosun, Pastor Sara Nyanti, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, Pastor Ngozi Udochukwu, Pastor Kayode Pitan and Pastor Ireremena Pamilerin Otuorimuo. This partnership birthed a 12-person committee in Nigeria and the USA called Disciples.

How can your church or ministry become partner?

By sending an email via [email protected] to the Host of DC. Omolola Omoteso-Famuyiwa, a biblical counsellor, is the host. She works with pastoral counsellors,  ministers in partnering churches and 12 committee members focused on creating joyful marriages.

What is expected of partners?

Partners are expected to support in the following area:

1. Physically - Through delegating representatives to be part of the committee and sharing the vision with their churches, members and friends. Partners are asked to delegate at least 2 members (1 male, 1 female) of their churches or ministries who are at least 25 years old. We ask that you pray in making this choice instead of merely referring active singles.

2. Spiritually - By praying for us and mature singles. Those in need of counsel may be referred to us.

3. Financially - Partners support us financially as they deem fit. DC events were previously charged at between 2k and 5k depending on a number of factors. This limited our reach. Financial support helps us offer free or heavily discounted services. This also helps us serve mature singles through resources - web, text messages, newsletters, magazine and books. Funds collected (offering, donations etc.) during our programmes go to Divine Connection. 

4. Morally - Partners share ideas and refer us to ministers and ministries that can help us grow. 

5. Actively - Through carrying out events and programmes focused on mature singles e.g. breakfast meetings, film viewing, retreats and establishing a fellowship or group for mature singles within their churches or ministries. We partner with you on this or provide logistic support. To date few partners have taken this up e.g. The Covenant House (TCH) sponsors a breakfast meetings at which DC provides content and the DC Host speaks or refers a speaker. Tabernacle of David inaugurated a fellowship for mature singles.

What are the objectives of Divine Connection

Our mission is to meet the needs of mature singles by creating conducive environment through which they can meet and interact. These events will influence networking and help build skills needed for positive and enduring relationships. Visit or HOMES page to see what we do and our objectives.

Pastor Grace Okonrende

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Rev. Kole Olowofoyeku

Pastor Adeniyi Ajibola

Pastor Jumoke Arasanyin